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Become a leading travel company in Vietnam, a reliable travel companion and share your passion for travel to all over the world. An acknowledged brand with the best quality of service, professional service style, expanding business development abroad with Vietnamese cultural identity to international visitors, showing the intellectual stature And pride in Vietnam.



Bring a space of travel with exciting new expedition discoveries, where visitors satisfy the passion of enjoying the best quality service, the most attentive service style, where visitors believe. Think and be happy when deciding on a companion and a waiter for your trip, from which visitors get the most memorable experience after each trip to arouse inspiration. Conquer the new land.

Combining business with social responsibility and preserving the values ​​of nature, culture, history and local customs, "Ninh Binh Central Hotel" creates an ideal working environment for people. Have passion, knowledge and travel experience, create jobs for many workers in the industry, direct customers to practical things to help preserve and develop the value of the destination.

Build an international travel brand of Vietnam with Vietnamese identity in global vision and action.

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