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Bich Dong - Halong Bay on land

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Bich Dong - Halong Bay on land

Bich Dong - Halong Bay on land

Tam Coc - Bich Dong is considered the most attractive tourist destinations in Ninh Binh , Ninh Binh Tours takes visitors to famous names such as " Halong Bay on land"

Tam Coc ( three caves ) including cave Both , maritime and Ba.Ca three caves are formed by Ngo Dong River mountain pierced ... The center of Hanoi about 90km along Highway 1 is TP.Ninh Binh , then add about 25 more that you 've come to Tam Coc - Bich Dong , one of the most famous scenic spot in Ninh Binh is like " Ha Long " land of Ninh Binh .

Tours Ninh Binh will make guests feel the beauty " charming " . Currently though Ninh Binh has many scenic but Tam Coc - Bich Dong is the oldest destination and the only place still wet rice cultivation . Rice is grown in just one crop of , ripening at the end of April , beginning of May Lunar and low yield .

Keep going along the Ngo Dong River that you will turn to the 3 cave through mountains with different names such as : length 127 m Hang Ca , through a large mountain , over 20 m wide entrance . In the cave pretty cool climate and many stalactites hang down with much diversified . Continue your journey will come to Hang Hai Group , nearly 1 km from the cave whole , long 60 m , ceiling cave stalactites hanging down very strange ...

Finally Hang Ba , near Cave Two , 50 m long , the cave ceiling like an arch , hang lower than the other two . To be able to watch the whole three free storage cave and beautiful pictures of Tam Coc , you will take about 2-3 hours. If you want to look beautiful corners should be " negotiated " before the boatmen to find a convenient place for you

After the end of the visit Tam Coc , Ninh Binh Tours takes visitors to visit Bich Dong Pagoda ancient temple mount a rock with oriental style pier about 2 km ... Tam Coc .

Have to say, the landscape of the area 's scenic Junior Ninh Binh province is the harmonious combination between the wonderful scenery of caves , the rugged mountains , the rivers and streams with the poetic talent of children who form a united , inseparable .

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